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New Galcon Fertigation Unit Hits the Market

Galcon Proportional Dosing System This Galcon Proportional Dosing Unit is controlled and monitored by a GSI Ag 24VAC Controller from [...]

Not All Capsicums Are Created Equal

Capsicums, like chilli peppers, originated in South America where seeds of a wild variety are believed to date back to 5,000 B.C. The various [...]

Reducing Phytophthora in Berry Crops with Copper Ionisation

The rise of the global berry acreage has increased the awareness around the devastating root disease Phytophthora. As a result, Aqua-Hort is conducting a series [...]

Greenhouse Humidification

Providing constant and even humidity levels allow plants to thrive in a controllable environment. Both humidity and evaporative cooling are essential to seedling development and [...]

Goran and Wei (L-R) Western Sydney University (Hawkesbury Campus) – National Vegetable Protected Cropping Research Centre

Our Australian Owned parent company ICI Industries Pty Ltd have established the strong foundations of our sister divisions and we work together seamlessly. This coupled with a forcible supply chain and dedicated customer base gives us strong roots that are well implanted in our market.

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