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Stolze and AIS Greenworks are are both family-owned businesses with decades of experience in greenhouse automation, heating, cooling, lighting, irrigation, fertigation, growing systems and high-pressure fog. On June 4th, 2019 we formalised our strategic partnership for their future ahead in the Australasian region. Read more here

Our Products

Our Australian owned parent company ICI Industries Pty Ltd – Pointing water in the right direction – have established the strong foundations with our sister divisions and we work together seamlessly. This coupled with a great supply chain and loyal customer base gives us strong roots, in all types of water engineering, that are well implanted in our market.

ICI Brands


Irrigation equipment

Custom Built Stainless

Stainless steel fabrication and construction, particularly within the water transfer industry.

Greenworks Products


Rockwool media and monitoring tools


Climate and irrigation controllers


Climate and irrigation controllers

Hanging Gutters

Various profile designs to suit your crop and substrate





Greenworks Products

Greenhouse Fogging

Cooling and humidifcation


Treatment for Algae, Bacteria and Diseases


Low Pressure Water Filter


Sprayers, Carts and Robots


Scissor Lifts and Spray Machines


Sulphur Burners for Mildew Control

Your crop, climate, location and market is unique

Your idea: Our Solutions.

AIS Greenworks provide service and design tailored to your needs and budget.

Our fundamental aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have a wide range in stock, and together with our manufacturing capability, we are ready to meet your needs. Request a quote and keep ahead of the rest. Phone 1300 763 141 sales@greenworks.com.au

Recent Completed Projects


Bunya Fresh (QLD)

‘Jongwe’ t/a Bunya Fresh Hi-Tech Snacking Tomato Greenhouse Systems by AIS Greenworks The name ‘Jongwe’ reflects Julian Long’s Zimbabwean heritage, translating as “Rooster” or “Beautiful Peacock”.  Fittingly, Julian Long [...]

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Goran and Wei (L-R) Western Sydney University (Hawkesbury Campus) – National Vegetable Protected Cropping Research Centre


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Gutter Solutions

Environmentally friendly recirculation To save water, fertilisers and your livelihood In tough times we need to protect our assets, livelihood, plants and harvest. Water and [...]