Appropriate environmental conditions are necessary for optimum plant growth, improved crop yields, efficient use of water and other resources to provide a high ROI for your greenhouse.

Today, advances in technology make the automation process much more manageable. However, the systems they automate need to be of high quality and reliability.

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Controlling the atmosphere within your greenhouse can be a daunting task. There are so many variables and external weather patterns, which have become increasingly dynamic in recent times, and this doesn’t make things any easier. Control systems from AIS Greenworks for climate and irrigation control can be tailor made to suit your greenhouse requirements and design.

Integrated computerised systems can be linked to the plant’s temperature and light (PAR) sensors can control ventilation, cooling, heating, energy consumption, irrigation cycles and more. What makes this even more vital to the modern greenhouse is the fact that it does all this consistently and precisely – day after day, crop after crop, giving you peace of mind.

Higher yields and increased crop quality are just two of the benefits. Reduced wastage and better reporting round out the reasons why an investment in automated climate and irrigation control can have your greenhouse outperforming your competitors.

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On warm days a shade screen will protect, cool, and bring light to the plants from many angles – stimulating growth. At night it helps reduce radiated heat loss, minimizing the formation of dew and the risk of fungal diseases. In cool climates it’s often combined with an energy saving screen at night. Screens can be made to be flame retardant, making them the optimum choice for all installations from a fire safety perspective and can be fitted inside or outside including in open roof situations.

Screens can be manufactured from different materials to provide varying levels of light, weight, widths, UV transmissions and warranties to the end user. At AIS Greenworks we don’t build screens ourselves, however we can help you with advice about some of the major suppliers.

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We all know that plants require CO2 to perform photosynthesis. However, to maintain a consistent supply throughout the greenhouse can be a challenge for some growers. Additionally, consistent temperatures and moisture levels will also vary. Nevertheless, solutions for all of these concerns can be achieved through an increased and/or controlled air circulation.

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Wall Mounted Fans  

Providing the power requirements for your greenhouse can often be a challenge, as you prepare for future growth without over capitalising. AIS Greenworks have solutions to these problems and more. These range from additional power lines to site through to onsite self-sustaining energy generators.

Once the power is available to site, your systems need to be connected, the control automation patched in and the data systems aligned with current best practice – and that is where we can help, with control panels, automation controllers, power and data cabling and more.

With our internal staff and external partners, AIS Greenworks can design, manufacture and install a variety of solutions. Our experience in the irrigation industry and long history in greenhouse development leaves us well poised to provide the best solution for your needs now, and into the future.

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