Sulpur burners are both effective and reliable – and one of the best methods for the prevention and control of mildew. Some of the major benefits of sulphur burners are their optimum distribution of the sulphur, low energy consumption and long lifetime. This makes them an ideal solution in many applications.

To deal with mildew effectively, just the right amount of evaporated sulphur and a good distribution of the vapours are necessary. AIS Greenworks use products, such as the Nivola Sulphur Evaporator, from companies that have specialised in fighting mildew throughout the world for more than 50 years.

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Advances in safety have meant the Nivola Sulphur Evaporator is up to date with modern regulations, which also ensures the integrity of the unit is maintained for years to come.

Nivola Sulphur Burner

Aqua-Hort copper fertilisation and electromagnetic disinfection for:

  • Fungal disease treatment
  • Canker disease treatment
  • Bacterial disease treatment
  • Blossom end rot treatment
  • Water-borne E.coli treatment
  • Reduced algae
  • White, strong healthy roots and vigorous plants
  • Operates under a wide range of water conditions
  • Free copper ions available for plants
  • Proven to increase calcium uptake
  • Very low total treatment costs vs other options such as chemical sprays

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Whether it be protected cropping or a field crop, spraying to reduce the impact of pests and disease is an integral part of a strong ROI strategy. Choosing the best solution for your greenhouse is easier with AIS Greenworks and our range of high quality spray equipment.

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