Talk to us about the benefits of stonewool production recycling your valuable drain water: every drop counts.

Our partner, Grodan, provides tips and advice on accurate nutrient analysis, pH and EC according to the needs of the crop.

Our partner, Grodan, explains the interaction between root zone and aerial environments that drives water uptake in glasshouse plants.

What is Precision Growing

Sustainable food production is becoming increasingly important as the world faces several major challenges in the coming decades.

AIS Greenworks, in conjunction with the Grodan Group, is ready to contribute towards tackling these global challenges by offering high-tech solutions aimed at doing more with less – with respect for people and the planet. Or, as we call it, ‘Precision Growing’.

This cultivation method supports growers and propagators achieving sustainable cultivation – all year round – and with minimal impact on the environment and the grower’s income. We achieve this by focusing on best practices derived from our extensive worldwide knowledge of what growers require.

A Definition

Precision Growing is the most efficient and effective form of growing. It focuses on using minimum input materials to generate maximum output. With Precision Growing, your growing costs decrease – while crop yield and quality increase. What’s more, this form of growing actively contributes to sustainable horticulture.

Partner Collaboration

Three factors have a profound influence on the impact of Precision Growing; Genetics, Greenhouse climate and Root zone.

These three factors must be properly correlated in order to achieve optimal results. For this reason, at the Grodan Group, we work towards collaboration with chain partners to make Precision Growing – growing in its most optimal form – a reality.

Development of Root Zone Management Solutions

With Precision Growing, the Grodan Group focuses on ‘root zone management’, or in other words, steering of the root environment. Everything that happens in the stone wool substrate has an impact on the functioning of the root environment – and therefore, the development of the plant. We continually investigate how our products, tools and user advice can respond flawlessly to changing circumstances, so the plant is given the very best care – without wasting resources.


By applying Precision Growing techniques, water, nutrients, energy and space are all used efficiently. Grodan substrate solutions have been designed especially to achieve this.

The water consumption is considerably less in cultivation methods based on stone wool than cultivation on other growing media. Stone wool substrates are ideal for ‘closed cultivation systems’, where water is recirculated and reused. Moreover, the substrate does not need to be rinsed at the beginning of the growing season.

The crop’s cultivation is optimally controllable, and all water and nutrients are available for use by the crop, as stone wool does not absorb them.

Grodan substrates are free of diseases, weed seeds and residues from disinfectants. This guarantees a clean start to the growing season and promotes the growth of healthy, tasteful crops, which require fewer crop protection products.

Cultivation on stone wool substrates result in low energy consumption and CO2 emissions per kilogram of the product – plus a higher yield per square metre.

The Grodan Group offers a wide range of stone wool substrates for sustainable growing, which are both produced and recycled in a sustainable manner.