Monitoring tools; More precision into every decision

Prevent and correct rootzone issues quickly = cost savings

Extremely reliable with optimised data models for Grodan substrate products

GroSens 2.2 is extremely accurate and provides highly reliable and precise 24/7 rootzone temperatures, WC and EC measurements due to measuring at two heights in the substrate. This results in better growing insights on a specific Grodan slab or block.

•    WC measurements in the range between 0-100%
•    EC measurements in the range between 0-10 mS/cm
•    Temperature measurements in the range between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius
•    150 m range between sensors and the gateway
•    Optional climate sensors for humidity, temperature and CO2

How to get started? Depending on your needs, there are multiple packages of the GroSens 2.2 suite:

Grodan GroSens Starter Kit
•    3 Rootzone sensors
•    1 Bridge
•    1 Gateway
•    e-Gro Companion
•    Optional e-Gro Essential

Grodan GroSens handheld kit
•    1 Rootzone sensor
•    e-Gro Companion

Additional hardware items
•    Rootzone sensors
•    Climate sensor 1; Humidity & Temperature
•    Climate sensor 2; Humidity, Temperature & CO2
•    Bridge
•    Gateway
•    Convertor

Improved design and performance

The new sensors have an improved and waterproof product design. Thanks to their distinctive blue colour, spotting them is easier. The sensor is more compact and designed to easily measure the Grodan product assortment range.

Seamless connection with the e-Gro App

The new GroSens sensor can seamlessly connect to the e-Gro App and immediately provide valuable insights to optimise your growth strategy.

Plug and play installation

Installation that is both easy as well as time saving thanks to our new and improved e-Gro app with Bluetooth (BLE) connection.

Data-driven growing is no longer a trend, but a must.

GroSens 2.2 System Overview

Your Idea, Our Solutions

Because the GroSens system is modular, it can be scaled to multiple configurations.

The GroSens basic set has been designed to guarantee reliable, representative information of WC and EC figures for individual watering sections.

Depending on the size of the greenhouse – and if the grower wants to take the next step in precision irrigation – all of the components in the GroSens basic set are available separately.

This makes it possible to configure the GroSens system perfectly for each individual grower.