Galcon Products for Irrigation, Fertigation and Climate Control

Smart Monitoring and Irrigation Solutions

AIS Greenworks are the exclusive Australian agricultural distributor for Galcon, a leading Israeli manufacturer of state of the art irrigation and control systems suitable for the simplest to the most complex applications. Whether you require a single stand alone battery-operated controller or all the way up to wireless multi-stations, for web-based irrigation and fertigation systems, AIS Greenworks have the solution.

Our range of fertigation systems allow for accurate and reliable dosing that allows you to keep control 24/7. They are designed to increase yield with optimal irrigation while conserving water resources and reducing energy consumption.

Your crop, climate, location and market is unique.

AIS Greenworks provide service and design tailored to your needs and budget. Our fundamental aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have a wide range in stock, and together with our manufacturing capability, we are ready to meet your needs.

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Galileo Open Field Irrigation Software

The Galileo software is designed to provide a wide variety of irrigation solutions, from small plots up to large irrigation areas with graphics displaying a realistic picture of the irrigated field.


  • The application enables up to 50 pipelines to interconnect and form a network of main and field valves and head definition with gradual open/close mechanism preventing build up of high pressure.
  • Data can be collected from a huge range of pumps, controls, measures, sensors and filtration assets.
Galileo Greenhouse Irrigation Software

Galcon’s greenhouse irrigation software combines an irrigation system with up to four climate control systems in the same controller. The system is composed of an irrigation head in which a fertiliser centre performs sophisticated injection of up to eight different individual nutrient components, along with EC / pH control.

  • One Controller | Up to 4 Greenhouses
  • Climate | Irrigation | Fertigation
Galcon Galileo


Galcon FertiJet
  1. FertiJet standard – 4 x 350L/H fertiliser pumps
  2. FertiJet High Flow – 4 x 1,200L/H fertiliser pumps
  3. FertiJet Double High Flow – Connects two FertiJet High Flow machines – 4 x 2,500L/H fertiliser pumps
Galcon FertiMix

A range of fertigation units blending various individual nutrient components in your mixing tank.

Galcon FertiGal

A premium inline mixing unit with direct injection into the main irrigation line, bypassing the need for a mixing tank.
Five models growers can choose from:

  1. Mini FertiGal
  2. FertiGal 1
  3. FertiGal 2
  4. FertiGal 3
  5. FertiGal 4.
Galcon FertiJet
Galcon FertiMix

Climate Control

The greenhouse climate control package is a large, flexible and diversified software unit. Each 24 hour day can be divided into 8 segments, each with its own parameters for temperature, humidity, CO2 and radiation.

Utilising the information from the sensors, the system operates the greenhouse infrastructure according to your preferences. Up to 4 greenhouse systems can be setup with a range of windows, curtains, fans, screens, cooling and heating systems, CO2 and spraying devices.

Internal greenhouse sensors
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Light intensity
External greenhouse sensors
  • Wind velocity and direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Rain meter
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
Galcon FertiJet
Galcon FertiMix

Misting Program

Galileo’s misting program can manage up to 40 foggers each distinguished by a range of parameters.

For more information on misting and fogging CLICK HERE

Galcon FertiJet
Galcon FertiJet

Galcon’s Reputation and Business Divisions


Galcon irrigation products are famous for their simplicity, efficiency and reliability at reasonable cost. These smart irrigation solutions have been certified by the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as Water Sense approved products. Established in 1983, the Galcon headquarters are in Kfar Blum, Israel and their products sell in over 60 countries around the world.

Horticulture and Agriculture Applications

The state-of-the-art irrigation systems and controllers series are designed for greenhouses, open fields and climate control.  From the simplest to the most complex application, Galcon and AIS Greenworks have the answers.

Turf & Landscape Irrigation Control

We offer an extensive array of specialised AC electric & DC battery operated controllers including wireless irrigation controllers and smart, web-based controllers, designed for professionals.

The GSI irrigation controller is a central wed based system for irrigation and water budgeting for public landscapes.

Residential Gardening Controllers

Our wide range of DIY user-friendly, AC electric & DC battery-operated controllers are ideal for the home gardener interested in perfecting a personal green thumb.

Tailored in Australia by AIS Greenworks.