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High Pressure Fogging Background

In Australia, the most common and cost effective way to cool and humidify a greenhouse is with a high pressure fog system. With the flash evaporation of billions of tiny water particles into the greenhouse environment, the air is cooled and humidified. In technical terms, the sensible energy is reduced while the latent energy of the air is increased. The end result is a climate that is more suitable to the plant.

Water is firstly filtered to 5 micron to mitigate potential nozzle blockages before being pumped at 1,000 psi. This clean water then flows through a designed network of stainless steel mainlines, stainless steel or thermoplastic laterals, finally emitting 10 micron fog droplets via the stainless steel or brass anti-drip nozzles.

This type of cooling system can provide a wide range of desired temperatures and relative humidity in greenhouses.

The fog system provides a more uniform temperature and humidity condition than a pad and fan system under similar conditions.

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The laterals hang at the top of the greenhouse and the spacing of laterals and nozzles are designed to ensure a uniform application throughout the greenhouse.

Set-up is as simple as connecting clean water and an electricity source to the inlet side, and connecting the fog lines to the outlet side. The systems will generally incorporate an on-board water tank, filtration, control panel, pressure regulation and a dump solenoid valve to prevent dripping nozzles. The system can also be designed for multiple zone control and variable speed motor control options.

Our design team strives to find the balance between capital and operational costs – ensuring a quick return on any investment. Systems can be designed to any size and this is not limited to only greenhouses. We have delivered high pressure fogging solutions for many applications including commercial buildings, sheds and wine cellars – just to mention a few.

An AIS Greenworks high pressure fog specialist is always on call to service the fog systems we install, and all parts are readily available from our warehouses Australia wide. We are always happy to discuss your unique requirements and the different range of options available to give you a top quality system.

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High Pressure Fog Nozzles

There are many different types of high pressure fog system nozzles available on the market. The AIS Greenworks fog nozzle is especially designed for its intended application.

The nozzle comes with a brass body and a fully stainless steel head to increase its life expectancy and reduce failures. Integral to the nozzle is a spring and rubber seat mechanism that prevents the nozzle from dripping when the system is off.

The AIS Greenworks fog system nozzle and body threads are a unique and robust design, which minimise fatigue fractures. Finally, the impeller is removable which means periodic cleaning can keep the nozzles in service for longer.

The nozzle cross section pictured on the right shows five major components: the stainless steel head, the brass body, the impeller, the anti-drip spring and seat. While there are a wide variety of nozzle styles, it is very important that the nozzles are selected appropriately for your application.

Nozzles can come with:

  • Individual filters
  • An assortment of orifice openings