One of the great advantages of growing in a greenhouse is the ability to support, irrigate, drain and structure the plants in a uniform fashion, which promotes both a higher yields and higher labour efficiencies.

Growing systems are the gutters, hangers and crop supports that allow all these physical requirements to be optimised. A growing system is very dependent on the crop.

It is important to note that all of our gutters are customised for individual growing systems as a means to meet your specific and often unique requirements.

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Crop wires and hoisting systems are used to support the weight of the plant within the greenhouse structure. The designs for such systems should also be geared so that efficiency optimisation of plant and fruit production takes place while simultaneously helping to lower expenditure, such as labour costs.

AIS Greenworks can practically bend up anything for the purpose of precision horticulture. We have a wide range of wire components in stock, and together with our factory facilities, we are ready to custom build absolutely anything to meet your specific requirements.

  • Onsite gutter roll forming machine available throughout Australia
  • Various profile designs to suit your crop, substrate and preference
  • Galvanised steel with an epoxy primer and polyester coating
  • Reduce energy and water costs

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  • Custom AIS Greenworks Solutions

Compared to what the human eye can see, for photosynthesis, plants need different wavelengths from the full spectrum of light, namely blue, white, deep and far red.

Adjusting the light spectrum for your plants and the amount of time (photoperiod), will steer them to fruit, or flower early, or late, to meet market demand and increase yield.

Supplemental, or assimilate lighting can also overcome seasonal, geographic and/or obscuring atmospheric particles, like cloud cover, so you can grow the best crop despite what’s going on outdoors.

AIS Greenworks can tailor any lighting recipe for your unique growing environment, crop, variety, stage of growth and budget.

AIS Greenworks is the exclusive Australian distributor for Agrolux Lighting, including high-intensity discharge (HID); high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH), and light emitting diodes (LED) lamps, reflectors and ballasts.

In the HID category, HPS is the traditional lamp to induce flowering with its predominantly red spectrum.

Whereas MH is favoured for vegetative growth with its blue and white spectrum.

The LED’s come in a range of colours, but without the heat (or energy consumption) of HID’s so they can be positioned much closer, even within the canopy.

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AIS Greenworks C0distribution systems provide an even measured distribution of C0throughout your greenhouse. This is achieved by a C0flow and pressure regulating tube that is run through the greenhouse. This tube ensures an even application of C0through the greenhouse. This has a number of benefits (obviously depending on the climatic conditions and strategies used to run the C0system):

  1. Uniformity of C0application and distribution of C02
  2. Reliable, maintenance free C0delivery system
  3. Increased C0use efficiency

Even, measured application and distribution of C0throughout the greenhouse is vital, as C0does not diffuse far from the application source. An AIS Greenworks system is designed to evenly distribute C02through the greenhouse. Further benefits are gained with horizontal air fans, which further distribute the C0in the greenhouse:

  1. Increased production
  2. Improved plant growth
  3. Higher fruit yields

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  • Custom AIS Greenworks Solutions

If its return on investment you’re after, then ensuring you have optimum control over your crops is key to your success.

Understanding the nutrient contents of your fertigation is vital in making the right decisions at the right time – to ensure a healthy and uniform crop.

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