The sturdy, multi-season Grodan Classic M/Y slab is the ideal solution for demanding vegetable growers who want to get the most out of their crops.

Thanks to its large control range, the Grodan Classic M/Y is extremely flexible in its usage throughout the cultivation season. The WC and the EC can be modified effortlessly to suit the demands of the season. In the event of a sudden drop in the water content or after long periods with low water content levels – for example, in the winter – , the water content can quickly and easily be steered back up to higher levels.

The very good WC and EC distribution in Grodan Classic M/Y ensure uniform crop development – helping enable the roots of the plants to absorb sufficient water and nutrients under all conditions.

Thanks to the unique fibrous properties of the Grodan Classic M/Y, the roots also use the entire substrate volume.

As a result, the substrate is not only full of roots, but the roots in the middle and lower regions of the slab are also more branched and have a good colour and quality. The Grodan Classic is a solid basis for a vigorous plant with a very low susceptibility to diseases.