About the 6-Phase Model

The Grodan 6-Phase Model offers a blueprint for optimal crop results during each cultivation phase – as well as for the entire cultivation period.

Growers’ needs for structured cultivation information are continually increasing due to the improved insights into cultivation, development of new cultivation systems and the continuing increases in the scale of horticultural operations.

Each Phase is a Tailored Advice Plan

Each phase is characterised by a specific development of the crop, which imposes specific requirements for that phase. Consequently, the advice for each phase needs to be tailored to that specific stage – and take into account the crop and rooting climate. Users of the 6-Phase Model receive an e-mail with the relevant cultivation recommendations before the beginning of each cultivation phase.

From Watering Strategies to Lighting Levels

The Grodan 6-Phase Model not only assists growers in their selection of the appropriate substrate slab for a specific crop, but it also helps them to determine the optimum watering strategy for the specific type of slab in each cultivation phase. The model can also assist in the determination of schedules for the plant load, temperature regimes, fertilisation schedules, CO2 levels and lighting levels.