Grodan, in partnership with the Wageningen University Research Facility and several of the world’s top growers, have developed their most advanced substrates for the cultivation of specialty medical crops.

The revolutionary Grodan Max line, characterised by its specific fibre structure and distinct brown colour, achieves the highest standard of performance due to the combination of new raw materials and an advanced wetting agent.

Grodan Max with Vision 1.0 technology are innovative stone wool substrates that deliver optimal water and nutrient distribution over the height of the block via capillary action.

Grodan Max provides key operational benefits such as:

  • improved rooting in speed and the development of more advanced branching root systems into all corners of the blocks
  • optimal steerability over a wider control range with enhanced distribution and refreshment of WC/EC to drive plant growth while maintaining crop balance
  • outstanding uniformity of plant development due to manufacturing consistency inherent in the Grodan Max wool structure ensuring all plants/crops are subject to the same root zone conditions
  • maximising yield of consistent quality in each and every crop cycle via faster throughput, improved root development and wider steering capabilities.

Available exclusively from AIS Greenworks, Australian supply partner for licensed producers.

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