Environmentally friendly recirculation
To save water, fertilisers and your livelihood

In tough times we need to protect our assets, livelihood, plants and harvest.
Water and fertiliser resources are expensive and scarce. They should be conserved as much as possible and not wasted down the drain. They also risk polluting our waterways and downstream neighbours.
Maximise your investment by collecting and recycling your nutrient rich irrigation water.

Isolate to exclude pathogens

Soil or contaminated water can harbour pathogenic fungi, pests and diseases that can infect or infest your planting.
Rain or machinery can splash muddy soil and pathogens onto the crop and decimate your livelihood.
It is important to create distance and get away from the dirty ground.

Strawberries in The Netherlands


Elevate your crop

Being up off the ground is both hygienic and labour saving as planting, pruning and harvesting is more accessible and efficient for crop workers.
Raised or hanging gutters can collect the nutrient rich drain water for recycling, filtration and treatment before it is dosed back into the irrigation feed.
Each storage tank is measured, tested and treated before being blended back to the ideal recipe for optimal plant steering.
Good air flow circulation beneath the plants reduces disease risk such as powdery mildew and botrytis.

Rolling out gutters inside a greenhouse

Our gutter rolling machine comes to you

Greenworks can roll steel growing gutters directly inside your greenhouse, with our mobile rolling machine anywhere in Australia.
Seamless, infinite lengths mean smooth drainage back to your storage tanks.
We have many profile designs and widths available to suit all types of crops. The GM-18 and GM-19 shapes suit soft fruits such as strawberries because the fruit is lifted away from the rootzone for ventilation and easy picking.

Inferior steel, poor drainage and corrosion

Poor drainage from sagging steel creates pools of stagnant water leading to corrosion and disease.
Greenworks galvanized steel gutters are engineered and constructed to the highest quality standards.
Our steel is coated in zinc, primer and polyurethane for durability and efficient drainage.

Environmentally friendly recirculation

Advantages of Greenworks elevated steel gutters:

  • Efficient irrigation, drainage and recycling
  • Protect and position your crop away from soil-borne diseases, ground dwelling insects or pathogens
  • Labour-saving, ergonomic efficiency for crop workers and machinery
  • Greenworks can roll steel growing gutters inside your greenhouse. Our rolling machine is flexible enough to modify a profile even when rolling on-site
  • Suit many types of crops as there are varied profile designs and widths available

Eat well
Greenworks work closely with their partners in the chain to provide you with a recycling system to save water, fertilisers and your livelihood.
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