Based on years of experience in irrigation, Stolze developed a custom made AIS Greenworks irrigation unit, for a tomato grower in Queensland, Australia. This unit controls the mixing of fertiliser stock solutions with irrigation water and makes EC and pH control easy for the grower. This provides growers with the option to inject fertiliser solutions simultaneously, each fertiliser with its own proportional volume.

The combination of modern industrial techniques and the expertise of Stolze has led to a user friendly and reliable dosing system with a very attractive price/performance ratio. The units come equipped to link into an existing or new Priva Compass irrigation computer, incorporating extensive watering and fertiliser functions. This system is completely cloud-based and can be operated in English or one of the other available languages.

Water re-use functionality, reduces costs and benefits the environment

To prevent spillage of costly fertilized water, the computer has built-in functions to pre-mix collected drain water with fresh water. As a rule, savings of 30-40% on water and fertiliser expenses are easy to achieve with this re-use function (EC pre-control) and unnecessary pollution of the environment is prevented. Please note that you must treat the returned drain water as well to prevent disease.


  • Excellent mixing and water re-use function
  • Very accurate and reliable
  • Compact structure and easily accessible
  • Built on a frame of stainless steel
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive price/performance ratio


  • Capacity sizes 10 – 100 m3/h
  • A and B dosing channels + Acid channel
  • Dual EC and pH measurements for registration and control
  • Radiation measurement input
  • Irrigation flow meter input
  • External start input
  • Irrigation halt input

Functions (with Priva Compass computer)

  • This cost-effective system contains all functions to control irrigation set up
  • EC pre-control
  • Start groups with individual settings for several periods a day
  • Fertiliser recipes
  • EC correction on radiation
  • Irrigation volume measurement and alarm
  • Registration of irrigation quantity
  • Average EC and pH registration

In situ in Queensland, Australia