If you are a plant producer who places the highest priority on uniformity, Plantop Delta is the growth block for you.

Thanks to its finely tuned homogeneity, the WC and EC distribution are at the perfect level throughout the depth of the block.

The balanced water and air regulation contribute to a uniform growth of the crop, so you can count on a uniform batch of plants.

Greater Steering Possibilities – The hydrophilic fibres in the Plantop Delta blocks enable the water content to be steered to a lower level, without compromising the uniformity of WC in the blocks. Steering based on a lower water content combined with a higher EC level encourages plants that are more compact and generative, with the focus on flower and fruit setting.

Easier to Handle – Plantop Delta blocks can easily cope with the high level of mechanisation used in today’s propagation systems. Blocks must be able to withstand frequent handling on wetting lines, during spacing and when being picked up. The firm block results in less loss of plants during propagation, which means a higher output.

Full Root Development Through Entire Block – Even when the block is steered to a lower water content, the air-to-water ratio will remain very uniform. This stimulates roots to search for water in the total volume of the block. Roots penetrate the block easily, which is beneficial to development when plants are suffering, such as from high night temperatures or heavy fruit loads.

Less Algae Thanks to Drier Top Layer – The upper 0.5 cm of the Plantop Delta block remains drier during propagation and the crop growth period. This is an advantage in both phases, as a dry top layer discourages Sciara larvae. These larvae can damage the young roots of the plants and cause wounds that can lead to a Fusarium infection. The drier top layer of Plantop Delta will reduce the incidence of this infection.

Proven Higher Production – Plantop Delta demonstrates its added value during the entire crop period for the grower. When plants are subjected to stress, they produce new, young roots. This not only happens in the slabs, but also at the ‘feet’ of the plants, which are still standing in the blocks. Payback time starts at around the longest day of the year, mainly by an increase in fruit weight every week, which results in a higher production.

As one of the next generation substrate solutions, Plantop Delta features unique hydrophilic fibre technology and is a versatile block that suits all propagation processes.

The Plantop Delta block can adapt to a wide range of WC and EC levels.

The block will retain its uniformity – even with lower water contents.

When the concrete floor is flooded again, all the blocks will re-saturate normally.

The subsequent plant growth will be more compact and generative, and thanks to the better air-to-water ratio, the roots will develop strongly throughout the block.

20170607 Grodan

20170606 Grodan

  • Inert hydrophilic fibre (NGS) technology
  • Control range WC: 40% to 85%
  • Suitable for flower and vegetable propagation

Plantop Delta is the best block for propagators who want to create compact and generative plants with an active root system inside the blocks. This leads to less root damage during transport, and during cultivation, the WC and EC levels in the block remain uniform. The new root tips developed by the plants can benefit from the ready availability of water and fertiliser. When subjected to stress, plants are forced to produce new roots, which helps transport water to the head of the plant and ultimately results in increased production.