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Agrolux Lighting Backround

Agrolux is a worldwide supplier of assimilation general horticulture and greenhouse lighting. They distinguish their selves from the competition based on advice, service and quality. Their produce their own luminaries and export them to clients worldwide. Their broad knowledge, extensive experience and smart and innovative technological solutions, makes Agrolux stand out in the horticulture market. We will happily provide you with good, honest advice that is perfectly fit for your company and market opportunities. But you can also count on both Agrolux and AIS Greenworks for fast delivery of lighting luminaries and parts.

Ever since Agrolux’s establishment in 2002, they continue to grow yearly in size and production numbers. Their employees come from diverse sectors of horticulture. Because Agrolux and AIS Greenworks have practical experience, we know exactly what they’re talking about, we can therefore provide you with the best advice about the most efficient and effective lighting for horticulture.