Extensive Range Available

  • Crop work
  • Harvest
  • Transport
  • Crop Protection
  • Crop Rotation
  • Handling Systems
Qii-Jet Spraying Robot
Bogaerts Qii-Lift

Bogaerts Qii Lift H-350


  • 24V pipe rail trolley
  • 250 kg lift capacity
  • Large platform; more open space
  • Easy access to last plants
  • Two side entrance gates
  • High speed, intelligent cruise control
  • High speed lift capacity with controlled acceleration / deceleration
  • Height restricted at maximum speed
  • Stainless steel contact-less foot pedal

Chassis and wheels

  • No external bolts, flat chassis, all smooth edges and rubber corners
  • Guide mechanism integrated at bottom of chassis: no accumulation of dirt
  • Easy access to full traction 24V battery 118Ah
  • Electronics are extremely resistant to vibration
  • Two fixed wheels and two swivel caste wheels: easy to manoeuvre

Robust and reliable

  • Industrial control panel
  • Durable and heavy duty electronics
  • Stable, solid and easy to handle
  • Cannot be overturned
  • Extremely durable and heavy duty, waterproof electronics
  • Fully double layer powder coated chassis and scissors, mechanically blasted for years of protection and easy cleaning

User friendly

  • One pulse button control
  • Self closing gates
  • Integrated control panel, bearings and gearbox
  • Easy to update software

Lifting Platform Specifications

Length 2 m
Width 0.64 to 0.99 m
Height 1.730 m
Min. Platform Height 0.49 m
Max. Platform Height 3.5 m
Driving Speed 0 to 110 m/min
Batteries 118 Ah – 24 V – full traction
Weight 420 kg

Qii Lift – Scissor Lift Gallery

Bogaerts Qii Jet TAV-342 – Greenhouse Spraying Robot with Tank


  • Fully customisable spraying program with a touch screen
  • Specify the path length, L/ha, spraying pattern, etc. and the Qii-Jet will do the rest
  • Tubular rail detection system for accurate path length measuring. This results in minimal time loss, the Qii-Jet now knows its precise location on the rail
  • Ease of use with an integrated liter counter for accurate spray liquid measuring and mixing
  • The tank unit is equipped with a 3-way valve to empty the tank, or switch to service mode
  • Durable electronics at the front of the control panel for easy access
  • 300 L tank
  • Automatic speed and pressure calculation for desired L/ha
  • Full-speed on pipe rails when not spraying – 110m/min
  • Automatically sprays the full length of the path or a partial length of the path, depending on the program settings
  • Separate button for selection of manual spraying
  • Full-traction batteries 24V – 400Ah
  • Self-centering swiveling wheels
  • Tank with built-in injector agitator nozzle for turbulence of tank contents
  • Frequency driven pump unit

Wheel Driving

  • Powered car based on pipe rails and the concrete path, metal wheels on pipe rails
  • Cruise control speed regulator
  • Plastic wheels to protect the concrete path, metal wheels on pipe rails
  • Equipped with the unique Combi Drive System (speed on concrete road and pipe rails equals)
  • Self-centering castors
  • Full traction batteries 24-volt 400 Ah
  • Autonomy about 8 hours (depending on the spray pressure, type and number of nozzles


  • 858 mm width of chassis
  • 893 mm width of chassis safety bumper included
  • 2,120 mm length of chassis safety bumper included
  • Safety bumper in front and rear (detection of pipe rail)
  • Waterproof electrical cabinet
  • Additional pressure rollers for better weight distribution


  • 300 L tank with 275 L usable volume
  • 15 bar maximum operating pressure
  • Filling system with flow meter and check valve
  • Drain valve


Supplied and Serviced by AIS Greenworks