After Stolze and AIS Greenworks first contact in 2018, their shared values made it an obvious progression to work together on a 4-ha high-tech tomato greenhouse on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. On June 4th, 2019 Stolze and AIS Greenworks formalised that strategic partnership for their future ahead in the Australasian region.

The two companies are both family-owned businesses with decades of experience in greenhouse automation, heating, cooling, lighting, irrigation, fertigation, growing systems and high-pressure fog.

The goal is to offer a complete technical and spare parts service (Stolze are a Priva Full Service Partner) to all customers in Australasia.

Stolze and AIS Greenworks believe that growing crops with high tech support is essential for the survival of mankind. The growing world population, climate change and a scarcity of resources are global issues we all need to overcome. Low carbon footprints, and safe and intensive food production are no longer just a desire, but a necessity.

Stolze is a worldwide known specialist in the field of heating, electrical and irrigation technology, grow lights, Priva automation and climate control for modern horticulture.

Located in The Netherlands since 1969, Stolze has implemented many high-end horticultural projects internationally in the 50 years since. They have established long and solid relationships with partners and clients providing essential service and support to the fresh produce, floriculture and medical cannabis industries. They are positioned across East and West Europe, Canada, the Middle East, Mexico and Central America. Now, together with AIS Greenworks there is a strong and effective presence in the Oceania region.

AIS Greenworks is one of the five divisions of Australian-owned ICI Industries along with Irribiz, Custom Built Stainless, IBIS Controls and Blue Bucket. Together they provide solutions to the Australian agricultural, horticultural and hydroponic industries. ICI Industries corporate vision is “Pointing Australia’s water in the right direction”.

AIS Greenworks is an experienced greenhouse engineering company specialised in designing, supplying, installing and servicing the mechanical, hydraulic, automation, irrigation and growing systems required for commercial greenhouses.

The strategic alliance between Stolze and AIS Greenworks is a great opportunity for each of the companies. Together we are exceptionally well positioned to serve the Australian, New Zealand and broader Asian market with the latest technology, quality greenhouse installations and Priva automation.

Theo from Stolze and Henry from AIS Greenworks spent two weeks travelling in Australia and introducing the alliance to clients who have been very positive about the opportunity for further local support.

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Henry Bosman and Theo Stolze handshake on the GWK trade booth July 2019

Henry Bosman Mieny Prins and Theo Stolze July 2019

The AIS Greenworks team on the PCA 2019 Conference trade booth. L- R Saskia Blanch, Kynan Smyth, Jamie Togyer, Theo Stolze, David Franklin and Henry Bosman.