The rise of the global berry acreage has increased the awareness around the devastating root disease Phytophthora. As a result, Aqua-Hort is conducting a series of trials with their copper fertilisation and electromagnetic treated irrigation water in strawberry crops to reduce Phytophthora. The initial trials have shown good results and prevented and reduced the pressure of the disease in a young strawberry plant crop.

According to Aksel de Lasson of Aqua-Hort, this is just one of the good examples of the increasing possibilities of the Aqua-Hort technology. In his most recent update he explained how the technology can be used in almost any kind of crop in which drip irrigation or field irrigation is applied. Not only to fight pests and diseases, but also to reduce other water technical related issues such as algae growth in ebb and flood systems or high pressure fog systems.

“Heated floors that are being flooded with nutrition water in intervals, are an easy target for algae growth. In co-operation with the Dutch ebb and flood floor manufacturer ErfGoed we are conducting systematic observations to see how Aqua-Hort’s treatment can reduce the algae growth in the flood floor systems. So far the first observations are promising. The cloth remains clean, the water is clear and the crop receives and holds free copper ions to prevent diseases and promote its own growth”

Another application of water treated with the Aqua-Hort electromagnetic copper fertilisation method lies in the use of high pressure fog systems. This method is often applied in propagation areas, when a mist system or fog system is used to control humidity levels. The copper from the Aqua-Hort system helps to reduce the clogging of the nozzle and also prevents algae growth on the floor, benches and on the growing media. Aqua-Hort has recently updated their pulse fogging application with an additional setting in order to achieve a sufficient level of free ions in the water.

For those growers that are not operating in a greenhouse or do not have an irrigation or fogging system installed, Aqua-Hort also offers an additional type of installation to treat crops. Open field crops like potatoes for example, can be treated to help reduce Phytophthora infestans (Potato Blight) with Aqua-Hort thanks to an innovative installation of a unit on a tractor mounted boom sprayer. “We are currently conducting a trial to investigate the effect and optimise the dosing levels. Foliage fertilisation will be the application method. The amounts of free copper ions supplied will only be a small fraction of the amounts carried away by the crop. There will be no issue of additional copper residues on the soil.”

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Publication date: 4/25/2017
Author: Boy de Nijs