Project Description

Over 12 years ago we started to work with Trandos Hydroponic Group (THG) and found them to be an extremely enthusiastic company to work with as a result AIS Greenworks embraced the opportunity to work with growers in Western Australia.

At that stage, there were reservations with allowing a company from the east to undertake large scale works in the West, with the fear they would only provide a walk in walk out solution. This was never our intent and we were subsequently present at all the WAGGA trade days, and built fantastic relationships with growers. We also held seminars on a regular basis to bring knowledge to the local industry.

It was during this time that THG were continually striving to learn more and more about the industry and sought to look elsewhere, on every Greenworks tour there was a member of the Trandos team. THG sought our expertise to help them develop a world class propagation facility for the fruit and vegetable market. Andrew accompanied THG on several tours to other parts of the world to gain knowledge and help adapt this into the design for which is now the state of the art facility at Neerabup.

THG have continued their outstanding work and have ISO 9001, are members of the International Seed Federation and have even set up their own testing laboratory to ensure they have safe plant material and water to offer their customers the best products. It is a privilege to work with THG, and to watch them stay at the forefront of the industry.

Customer: Trandos Hydroponic Growers