Aqua-Hort does it again in Portugal

//Aqua-Hort does it again in Portugal

Aqua-Hort does it again in Portugal

The Citrina Nursery, in Messines, Algarve, also known as Viveiros do Foral has used Aqua-Hort in their production of decorative citrus trees for many years. The nursery was started by Andrew and Lindsey Henley-Welch about forty five years ago.

They started out producing young trees for local citrus production. Later they transformed the production into decorative citrus plants grown in pots. Export was started up in 2000. This has led to a steady growth, now around 1.5 mill. plants per year. The propagation is made indoors. After transplanting the pots are placed in an outdoor area with drip irrigation.

Citrus is vulnerable to water related fungus diseases like Phytopthora and Pythium. Over the years they’ve been a cause of much concern.

Nick Henley-Welch, General Manager and Ana Pedro, Production Manager at Citrina

Citrina reports being very pleased with the use of Aqua-Hort. It has improved their production and saved many expenses. Phytopthora and Pythium is no longer an issue.

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