Nutri Flex, Nutri Fit and Nutri Jet

Which Priva Nutri-Line dosing fertigation system do you need?


Similarities: efficient and reliable

Nutri Flex, Nutri Fit and Nutri Jet have many similarities in that all three allow you to fully control fertiliser dosing, taking account of flow, EC, pH, light, outside conditions, etc. The dosing rate is set and recorded for immediate use and ahead on demand.

All Nutri-line products can be used equally well in a greenhouse or outdoors and with overhead or drip irrigation as well as flood/drain systems.

Priva fertiliser dosing systems are all made of stainless steel and sustainable plastics and the number of moving parts is kept to a minimum by using venturi dosing. In such they reliable, durable, low maintenance and have a long service life.

Differences: system and capacities

Nutri Fit and Nutri Flex first dose the fertilisers into a mixing tank with fresh water. The NutriFit suits water flows up to 25 m3/hour and the NutriFlex up to approximately 80 m3/hour. The number of dosing channels on the NutriFit and NutriFlex is modular and can be expanded to a maximum of five and ten respectively.

Using the in-line system on the Nutri Jet, you can dose directly into a closed mixing chamber with water flow capacities of up to approximately 80 m3/hour. As the Nutri Jet only uses a single pump, the system is more energy efficient. In a by-pass design you can easily increase the capacity of the Nutri Jet to dose water flows in excess of 100 m3/hour.

In addition to the standard fertiliser dosing channels the Nutri Flex or Nutri Jet can automatically blend very low doses of trace elements and cleaning agents using separate low-volume dosing channels.

Priva Nutri Jet direct injection fertigation

Galcon FertiMix

Priva Nutri Fit for drain water re-use

Galcon FertiMix

Priva Nutri Flex for large re-circulating hydroponic systems

Galcon FertiJet

Total integration

The Priva Nutri-line fertigation systems can function as a stand-alone unit or be centrally controlled by a Priva ‘process computer’, also known as a ‘climate controller’, and possibly also by one of a different brand.

This allows you to link your systems even further to cross reference and manage all sorts of parameters including water, nutrient recipes, climate and energy consumption. Such management information provides extensive insight and data driven decisions for optimum crop production.

Your crop, climate, location and market is unique.

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