Nutri Fit Fertigation

Accurate and affordable fertiliser dosing with drain water re-use function

Priva Nutri Fit is a compact fertiliser dosing system with a mixing tank ensuring the crop gets the right amount of water and nutrient recipe at the correct pH and EC, at the right time.

Saving costs by reusing drain water

To prevent wasting costly fertilisers, the process computer has built-in functions to control the pre-mixing of collected run-off water with fresh water. Generally, savings of 30-40% on water and fertiliser are achieved with this reuse function and preventing unnecessary environmental pollution.


  • Efficient fertiliser dosing for all types of crop
  • Flexible choice in pump and number of fertiliser dosing channels
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Self-supporting compact system
  • Various expansion options
  • Lowest cost per m3

Flexible and efficient

  • Nutri Fit is easy to integrate into existing configurations and provides efficient solutions for small to medium sized operations.
  • A pump selection can be made, to fit your specific needs regarding your capacity and pressure, ranging from 5 – 25 m3/hr.
Galcon FertiMix

Priva Nutri Fit with drain water re-use function

Safe and reliable method

  • Fertiliser tanks are connected to the Priva Nutri Fit containing soluble nutrients that are injected into a mixing tank with more water before being pumped to the crop.
  • The Nutri Fit can mix a maximum of five solutions simultaneously, e.g. four fertiliser solutions and one acid/alkali solution.
  • The dual EC and pH measurements provide maximum reliability and nutrient availability for the crop.
  • The Nutri Fit can be controlled by an integrated process computer or an external Priva process computer.

General specifications

  • Mixing tank system
  • Capacity 5 to 25 m3/hr
  • Dual EC and pH measurements for maximum reliability
  • 100 litre mixing tank
  • 1-5 dosing channels; 30-300 litres/hr
Total Integration

The Priva Nutri-line fertigation systems can function as a stand-alone unit or be centrally controlled by a Priva ‘process computer’, also known as a ‘climate controller’, and possibly also by one of a different brand.

This allows you to link your systems even further to cross reference and manage all sorts of parameters including water, nutrient recipes, climate and energy consumption. Such management information provides extensive insight and data driven decisions for optimum crop production.

Your crop, climate, location and market is unique.

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