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Priva Connext

Hi-tech greenhouse automation to integrate all control into one system

Priva Connext is the most advanced process computer from Priva that supports you in controlling and managing processes in and outside your greenhouse including climate, energy and water management.

It allows you to create a single, central network of all your greenhouse mechanisms and data. It links all your systems and controls into a single network which can be monitored both locally and remotely, making it easy to identify, manage and rectify any issues now and into the future.

With its extensive control module library, Connext automatically anticipates all relevant circumstances and events, letting you focus your attention on your crop.


  • Overview of all greenhouse processes
  • Optimise the control of climate, heating, irrigation, fertigation and water treatment
  • Provides communication between all controllable parts of your greenhouse
  • In-built self-checking and alarms ensure data driven continuity in your crop and production
  • Optional integration with the Priva FS Performance to view and compare your data
Priva Connext Climate Controller


Priva Connext continuously monitors whether your systems are working correctly, and all actions are being performed properly.

In the case of a malfunction, the systems are automatically placed in a safe mode and an alarm is issued immediately. All data is automatically saved in the event of a power supply failure.

At all times, you will have a reliable system using dedicated horticultural hardware.

Extensive control module library

More than 50 years of experience in horticultural automation has been merged in the Priva Connext so that you have the right controls at your disposal. With tailor-made programs, each application can be set up according to your wishes and ideas.


Priva Connext offers a reliable platform in which all your sensors and systems come together in one central network. You can also enhance your business operations by making a link to Priva FS Performance. This link enables you to combine climate data with labour, production and plant data.

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