Priva Creating A Climate For Growth

Priva Compass

An affordable integrated environmental control system for small and medium sized growing operations.

The Priva Compass process computer consists of small, flexible hardware and software modules and has a very user-friendly interface allowing you to monitor your growing system at any time of the day. The software is available separately, so for each crop zone and theme you can opt for base modules or advanced modules. In this way, it can be tailored to everyone’s personal requirements.


  • Hi tech, yet affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Controls ventilation, screens, fans, fog, lights, heating and boiler control
  • Controls irrigation and fertigation
  • Reports environmental conditions
  • Set certain parameters to let the system control climate and water systems for you
  • Modular design: easy to adapt to your needs
  • Operable from any device via the Cloud
  • Clear dashboards with great ease of use


  • Starter computer for small and medium sized growing operations
  • Flexible: You can select the modules and the level you need
  • Clear controls with dashboards and graphs
  • Local operation possible via the cloud or via Wi-Fi (remote)
  • Suitable for smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • High-tech at an affordable price
  • Priva quality and reliability
  • Online and offline help function
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