Priva Creating A Climate For Growth

Priva Compact

Suitable for all types of crops and greenhouses including the reuse of drainage water

The Priva Compact process computer incorporates the perfect basic controls for climate and water dosage in combination with a simple operation. It provides you with a reliable and user-friendly base in climate control and is suitable for controlling various greenhouse systems. The Priva Compact is the “smaller brother” of the Priva Connext process computer and it uses the same hardware.

The software controls of Priva Compact enable growers to manage the essential growing conditions in the greenhouse, 24/7, including ventilation, heating, curtains, CO2, fans, humidification, lighting, boilers, irrigation, fertiliser dosage and the reuse of drainage water.


  • Integrated controller for your systems in open field or greenhouse production
  • Intuitive control which makes sure the settings of your irrigation, fertigation or climate systems stay steady over time
  • Easily expanded inputs and outputs to cope with expansion
  • User – friendly operation and installation
  • Easy upgrade to Priva Connext
Galcon FertiJet

Your Crop, climate, location and market is unique.

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