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“Rockwool (Grodan type) has performed better in nurseries than sand, because it becomes clogged less easily than sand filters”, and additionally, “Several plant pathologists from Europe and Australia have verified the effectiveness and the practical value of this filtration procedure for nursery irrigation systems” - Harry A. J. Hoitink and Matthew S. Krause (Ornamental Plants – Annual Reports and Research Reviews 1999 Special Circular 173-00)

Benefits of Bio-filters

  • Effective against fungi and bacteria
  • Antagonists are not removed
  • Technology is tested
  • Low cost/m3 of water
  • Low maintenance
  • Great longevity
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemicals
  • Minimal OH&S issues

Grodan vs Sand

  • Light uniform media, removed by industrial vacuum
  • No drainage layers
  • Surface area is 2,000 times greater than sand
  • Greater effect on Fusarium
  • Does not require skimming* of biological layer

* Skimming the top layer is necessary when the media is clogged with sediment. This is common with sand filters, and means over a month without disinfestation protection to the water supply. It’s 10 years and counting for our filters.

Grodan vs Other Rockwool

  • Specially prepared Grodan granulate for filtration
  • Years of successful filters throughout Australia and Europe
  • More successful+ than other rockwools
  • Quicker initial inoculation times
  • Does not require skimming* of biological layer

Grodan has been documented to be 100% successful in trials against other rockwools in Australia, of which, the others were found to allow fungi (pithium/phytophthora) through the filter.

How the GroPro Slow Media Filter Works

GroPro filtration works by allowing water to pass through a media at a slow rate, which allows beneficial organisms to feed on and eliminate harmful organisms – such as pithium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, nematodes and viruses.

The water is purified as it passes through the GroPro Slow Media filter and is stored to be reused in the nursery with complete confidence.

AIS Greenworks has supplied and/or installed a number of successful GroPro filters in nurseries, from small-scale to large-scale projects, throughout Australia.

There are several considerations when designing such systems, from water application and drainage method in the filter, through to the unit operating 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year to ensure the effectiveness of the system continues at optimal levels.

It is important to note we have studied the clinical results of these filters and they are all performing to an exemplary standard. AIS Greenworks has done the research and development on slow media filtration for you.

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