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HortiMax VitaLite 500 Specifications

  • Energy Efficient
  • Reliable, Tried-and-Tested Technology
  • Remote Access to Settings and Readouts Anywhere, Anytime

Do you reuse your drain water? If so, disinfecting your drain water first is vital, since pathogens from one plant can infect your entire crop. This can have disastrous consequences for production. The HortiMaX VitaLite 500 is an advanced UV disinfection unit that effectively neutralises micro-organisms, which are potentially dangerous to your crop. This UV unit stands out by its reliability and durable design, and it is perfectly suitable for both large and small businesses with substrate-grown crops. The VitaLite 500 has also been used with great success in ebb/flood businesses and tree nurseries – providing maximum protection at a competitive price.

The Right Radiation Chamber for Any Transmission Value

The three main factors in designing a UV unit are the transmission of UV light through the water, the desired capacity and the desired radiation dose. Three types of radiation chambers are available for the VitaLite 500, for transmission values of 10% or higher. Thanks to the modular design of the radiation chambers, a UV unit can be tailor made to fit the needs of both large and small businesses. A key parameter for effective UV disinfection is the radiation dose. A radiation dose of 100 – 150 mJ/cm2 effectively kills nematodes, fungi and certain other pathogens. A radiation dose of 250 mJ/cm2 also eliminates waterborne viruses. One of the VitaLite 500’s main benefits is that it utilises a very specific wavelength of UV light. As a result, only micro-organisms are killed, whereas the properties of the water remain unaltered. This type of drain water disinfection also means you do not have to add large quantities of acid, which need to be neutralised later with extra lye.

Control Software with a Wide Range of Options

The integrated control software includes a comprehensive range of user definable options. For instance, you can program disinfection to start automatically based on the water level in the drain water tanks. You can disinfect drain water from up to four drain water tanks. The VitaLite 500 can also be used to pre-mix drain water and fresh water in a pre-set ratio, which can be adjusted based on the EC level. This guarantees that not only the drain water but also the fresh water used is completely free of diseases. The flow of water can be automatically adjusted based on the measured radiation level to ensure that the desired dose is applied every time. The software automatically controls the cleaning cycles of the UV lamps, the sand filter and the self-cleaning sieve filter. Four adjustable periods enable disinfection to be performed during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper.

Synopta® Remote Control

The VitaLite 500 is easy to operate, especially in combination with the well-known Synopta® computer management software. This software lets you operate all HortiMaX water and climate computers, so it provides a fully integrated process control of your entire greenhouse.

VitaLite 500

  • No changes in fertiliser mixture or temperature increases needed thanks to low-temperature lamps
  • Automatic disinfection based on water tank level
  • Flow rate control ensures that the correct dose is applied by adjusting the flow through the radiation chambers – independently of the transmission value of the water
  • Small quantities can be treated by halting disinfection based on water tank level
  • pH control of the water keeps the radiation chambers clean for longer by preventing salts from crystallising
  • UV radiation is very effective in neutralising potentially harmful micro-organisms