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HortiMaX Newton Slab Weighing

  • Constantly Monitors the Substrate Slab Weight
  • Generates Alarm if Deviations Occur
  • Great for Hanging Gutters and Outdoor Applications

The productivity of your crop is determined to a large degree by the conditions in the root environment. One of the main condition factors is the amount of available water. After all, plants need water to compensate for the moisture they lose through transpiration. In addition, the amount of water in the root environment plays and important part in the vegetative or generative development of the plant. This means that it is not only important to replenish any water lost through transpiration (otherwise the plant will dry out), but also that it is possible to control the plant’s development by the amount of water you allow to enter the root environment.

The sensor of the HortiMaX Newton Slab Weigher enables you to constantly monitor the weight of the substrate-growing slab. As a result, you can keep constant track of the fluctuations in the plant’s water up-take. In addition, by starting irrigation based on the slab weight, you can regulate the amount of water in the root environment and control the development of the plant.

To start irrigation based on the slab weight, you need the software module “Weight Start”, which is designed for the Aqua 500 and MultiMa. This module can also be programmed to generate an alarm if the slab weight moves outside the set range. This will ensure that your crop will always be supplied with the right amount of water.

Suitable for Any Out-of-Soil Crop

The HortiMaX Newton Slab Weigher system is especially suitable for growers who use suspended gutters. Two load cells are attached to the chains holding the weighing gutter (generally 4-5 metres in length, sufficient for approximately 10-20 plants).

These two load cells can together measure a load of up to 100 kg in the case of the Newton 100, or 200 kg in the case of the Newton 200. The Newton can also be used for outdoor applications by attaching the load cells directly to the tray containing the plants. As a result, irrigation can be easily adjusted in the event of rain or heavy winds.

If you have the SyncGraph module of the Synopta PC interface program, it is also possible to display the weight data from the Newton in historical graphs, so you can monitor the fluctuations in slab weight over the course of the day.

The Load Cells

The load cells are absolutely maintenance free, since they are suspended high above the ground, do not come into contact with dirt or moisture. A signal box converts the signals sent from the load cells into signals that can be used by the HortiMaX substrate computer of the MultiMa. The load cells are identical to those used in the accurate and advanced ProDrain system. This means that a Newton 100 or 200 can be easily upgraded to a ProDrain in the future.