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HortiMax Irrigation Checking Solutions

  • Automatically Monitors Dripper Water Output
  • Provides Maximum Control Over Greenhouse Irrigation
  • Saves Time and Prevents Errors in Irrigation Application

The Big Issue

Manually checking the amount of irrigation water applied with measuring cups, buckets or beer bottles is now truly a thing of the past – thanks to the HortiMaX Irrigation Checker. Methods such as these generally yield inaccurate results. What’s more, since these methods tend to be carried out irregularly, they lead to fewer errors being discovered, and once found, it’s usually too late. The HortiMaX Irrigation Checker is a unique and affordable solution that shows you precisely how much water your plants have received.

The HortiMaX Irrigation Checker measures the irrigation volume using a reference dripper, which allows for effective monitoring of the distribution of water during each irrigation cycle or an entire period. This not only saves you a lot of time but lets you manage irrigation with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Automatic and Continuous Measurement

By checking the drippers, you can determine whether a sufficient amount of water is being fed into a valve section and whether the water output of the drippers matches the pre-set volume. Using the HortiMaX Irrigation Checker you will never again have to check the drippers manually. The HortiMaX Irrigation Checker is a unique invention that eliminates the need for measuring cups, scales or beer bottles. Once connected to your environmental control computer, you are provided with a continuous graphical display of the irrigation data.


The HortiMaX Irrigation Checker uses sonar technology. Ultrasonic sensors not only provide extremely accurate measurements, but they also require virtually no maintenance since they lack any moving parts. The sonar is attached to the top of a sealed PVC cylinder, which contains the reference dripper. The environmental computer compares the amount of water in the cylinder with the pre-set irrigation volume to be applied by the dripper. A submersible pump ensures that the water in the cylinder is drained on a daily basis.

Reliable and Affordable

The HortiMaX Irrigation Checker is not only robust and extremely reliable, but it is also highly cost-effective. This enables every valve section to be equipped with an Irrigation Checker, so you can quickly identify equipment problems, such as a valve that is closed, leaking or not operating correctly. The system can also be fitted with an alarm, which is triggered if the measured value differs too much from the desired value.