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FertiMix Custom Solutions

  • Save Water and Nutrients Effortlessly
  • Improve Yields and Recoup Your Investment Quickly
  • Always Apply the Best Fertigation Strategy
  • Short Delivery Time – No Matter What Your System Needs

Our solution in plant nutrition and fertigation is called the FertiMiX. Our FertiMiX series consists of three basic models with various options depending on your crop, the desired technology level, the required capacity and your knowledge level. These models range from simple standard units to sophisticated custom systems:

FertiMix Custom Options

The HortiMaX FertiMiX Custom is a fertigation unit that is fully customised to your individual needs. In addition to the controller options, this unit offers the most comprehensive range of system options. These system options are as follows:

  • Voltage
  • Grid Frequency
  • Ground (Earth)
  • Zero (Neutral)
  • Altitude Above Sea Level
  • EC Module
  • pH Module
  • Expansion Module (additional groups)
  • Software Language
  • Desired Irrigation Capacity
  • Maximum Irrigation Capacity
  • Number of Liquid Fertilisers to Dose
  • Maximum Capacity per Fertiliser
  • Acid Dosing
  • Alkali Dosing
  • Number of Relays for Irrigation Valves
  • VDC or VAC Valves
  • EC Monitor Sensor
  • pH Control Sensor
  • pH Monitor Sensor
  • Filter Type (if fitted with sand filter)
    • Desired Filtration Speed
    • Selected Filter Type
    • Installation of Sand Filter
  • Filter type (if fitted with fully automatic filter)
    • Minimum Flushing Pressure
  • System Pump Pressure
  • System Pump Type
  • System Pump Switch Type
  • Water Temperature Protection on System Pump
  • Fill Pump Capacity
  • Fill Pump Type
  • Fill Pump Switch Type
  • Water Temperature Protection on Fill Pump
  • Pre-blending Valve
  • Additional Options are Available in Consultation

FertiMiX Design Principles

General Design Principles

In designing each unit, we carefully considered the pump size, pipes and pressure build-up so all the fertilisers are blended with the utmost precision. The FertiMiX can dose fertilisers from multiple tanks simultaneously in any desired ratio. It doesn’t matter whether you use straight or compound fertilisers – preparing the right blend will take no time at all. Depending on your crop and unit, the system can even let you add other substances, such as trace elements or pest control agents.

Irrigation Programs of the FertiMiX E-series and FertiMiX Custom

All irrigation and fertiliser settings are saved independently of the valves in ‘Irrigation Programs’. You simply assign these irrigation programs to the desired valve group. The main benefit of this approach is that you only have to configure the settings once. If you want to change your fertigation strategy later, all you need to do is assign the desired valve groups to a different irrigation program. The irrigation programs include a range of standard options, such as crop pre-rinsing, crop post-rinsing and frost prevention sprinkling.

Controller for the FertiMiX E-series and FertiMiX Custom

A controller is optional for the FertiMiX E-series and Custom. This controller includes the following standard features:

  • 32 Valves and 3 Irrigation Programs
  • Remote Control
  • EC Control
  • Start Options
  • Manual Start
  • Time Start
  • Alternative Time Start
  • Cyclic Start
  • Radiation Start
  • Contact Start
  • Available Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Polish

The controller for the FertiMiX E-series and FertiMiX Custom has the following expansion options:

  • Up to 160 Valves
  • Up to 10 Valve Groups

The HortiMaX Synopta software allows you to operate the unit from a PC. The software includes comprehensive help for every setting and readout. Synopta even lets you keep track of your crop’s development from anywhere in the world.