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HortiMaX Aqua CX300 Specifications

  • For all types of sprinkler and drip irrigation
  • Easy to remotely operate thanks to logical menu structure
  • Reliable, high-quality design and the best possible support
  • Grows along with your business

The HortiMaX Aqua CX300 is highly suitable for controlling a wide range of sprinkler (indoor or outdoor), fogging and drip irrigation systems, involving substrate growing media, direct injection or a mixer tank. The Aqua CX300 ensures that your crop receives the right amount of water, with the right blend of nutrients and EC value, at the right times. This system is scalable and can be expanded to control 160 valves. It can also be connected to our Synopta® PC software for even more analysis options.

The HortiMaX Aqua CX300

  • Complete system
  • Capable of controlling a wide range of irrigation and fertigation systems
  • Comes standard with remote control
  • Outdoor irrigation control (open field)
  • Latest generation I/O
  • Lets you assign valves to multiple groups
  • Supports connection of a third EC sensor
  • Up 160 valves and 10 valve groups
  • Up to 8 fertilisers

Optimum fertigation control

Whether you use simple or compound fertilisers, the Aqua CX300 lets you prepare the desired blend of water and nutrients in no time at all. The system allows you to dose fertilisers from up to eight tanks simultaneously, in any ratio required. The Aqua CX300 can be supplied with three EC sensors and two pH sensors to accurately monitor the quality and composition of the irrigation water. The standard model of the Aqua CX300 is able to control 32 valves, which can be assigned to three valve groups. This can be upgraded to a total of 160 valves and 10 valve groups. This highly versatile controller is suitable for a wide range of irrigation and fertigation systems.

Irrigation management

All irrigation and fertiliser settings are stored independently of the valves in ‘irrigation programs’. You simply link these irrigation programs to the desired valve groups to create your ideal irrigation or fertigation schedule. The Aqua CX300 includes numerous options to activate irrigation (i.e. time starts, cyclic starts, contact starts, manual starts and starts based on the measured radiation sum).

Remote control

The Aqua CX300 can show help texts for every option and setting on the display of the unit. Version 6 or higher comes standard with the Remote Control application, which lets you control the Aqua CX300 from any PC connected to the network. This can be upgraded with our Synopta® software for a host of additional options.


The Aqua CX300 is modular in design and consists of a basic module and a valve module for 32 valves. The following control and measurement options are also available:

  • EC I/O module for controlling the EC value
  • pH module for controlling the pH value
  • Extra groups module for 7 additional valve groups and irrigation programs
  • Second EC module
  • Third EC sensor for EC monitoring, EC pre-measuring or EC pre-blending