Galcon Proportional Dosing System

This Galcon Proportional Dosing Unit is controlled and monitored by a GSI Ag 24VAC Controller from Galcons range. The unit, built in a single or dual channel configuration, came about as a result of the AIS Greenworks training and education meeting held in Adelaide in July.

The proportional dosing system doses by flow and a digital pulse flow meter, installed in the main irrigation line, helps to dial in the dosing rate via the controller allowing for a % dose per m3.

Problems with flow or fertigation is fed directly to the end user via email to ensure up time and reliability.

A fantastic budget system for those not requiring EC and pH testing for their source irrigation water.

For more information contact AIS Greenworks on or 1300 763 141

  • Single or Double Channels of Fertiliser Injection
  • Proportional Dosing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • System Pressure 2-7.5bar (29-109 PSI) according to selected Booster pump
  • Fully Automated operation
  • Fertiliser meter
  • Strong, Modular, non-corrosive, Aluminium frame
  • Piping and Fitting: PVC
  • Suction Flow Rate 120, 350 , 700 L/H (350= standard)
  • Stainless Steel Booster pump
  • Single or 3 Phase booster pump
Galcon Fertigation Unit

Galcon GSI Ag 24VAC

A new line of web based irrigation control products, that deliver a simple and easy to use online “cloud” based irrigation management application, available anywhere and anytime. Two-way cellular communication with advanced flow management and alarm notification delivered to the Web Application Mobile App
and Email. GSI AG featured quantity based proportional fertilising.

Over the air (OTA) firmware updated ensures automatic upgrades.


  • AC Controller – 24 station + master valve, AC connection
  • Advanced battery saving technology allows DC controller to be “offline” while continually managing field based irrigation activities
  • Scheduling – Daily, Weekly or Cyclic up to 999 days
  • Eight (8) irrigation programs. Four programs on at any time
  • Four start times per program
  • Interval watering – start and stop time – ideal for loop watering, up to 99 cycles, up to 99 intervals
  • Station run times 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Selectable non watering window by calendar date
  • Seasonal settings with budgeting
  • Irrigate by Time, Area or Volumetric settings
  • Easy installation – indoor or outdoor
  • Rain sensor input terminal
  • Requires SIM card to be supplied and installed speak from your PC / Laptop using “Cloud” based technology.

The Software

  • Secure online irrigation management – anywhere, anytime (requires switched circuit data sim only)
  • Friendly online user interface is easy to learn and simple to operate
  • Email alarm warnings
  • Log reporting
  • Cloud based application allows access from any computer with internet access
  • No software to download or dedicated computer required
  • Over the air (OTE) firmware upgrades automatically
  • Subscription free online access – no annual or monthly fees