AIS Greenworks have always had a Priva technician on staff, and feedback from growers was that you also wanted an alternative supplier for the highly acclaimed product range.

They listened and now Greenworks offer the full suite of Priva irrigation, fertigation and climate controllers in addition to installation and ongoing maintenance and service.

Automation allows growers to pre-set parameters for flow rates, nutrient recipe, concentration and pH. Indeed, with the top of the line Priva climate controllers such as Connext, you can also factor in temperature, humidity, CO2, screens, vents and more.

Automation protects you and your crop.

The goal is to produce more, while using less labour, water, fertiliser, power and land.

Sustainable, hi-tech, automated greenhouse growing does just that. It can conserve your time, labour and energy costs. It can fully manage your crop’s growing conditions, protecting your income. You can program in alarms so even if you are off-site, you will know if a component has failed.

Whether you need to irrigate an open field, fertigate in a greenhouse or monitor and manage several climate parameters in numerous zones, Greenworks can design, supply, install and service a control system to suit your crop, climate, location and budget.

Priva is recognised as a world leader in automated climate control for both horticulture and building engineering and now you have new choices to source and maintain Priva in Australia from AIS Greenworks. Win: Win.

To see the full range of Priva and other automation available from Greenworks, please visit

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At the PCA conference in July, the three directors of Priva, Greenworks and Stolze; Meiny Prins, Henry Bosman and Theo Stolze (pictured) committed their unity to providing more choice for Australian growers.