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  • Effective Monitoring for Better Decision Making
  • A Wide Range of Analysis Options
  • Labour Savings of Up to 15%
  • Easy to Use
Common Problems

The current market calls for a grower that is not only a horticultural expert, but also a skilled manager. The demand for sustainable and high quality products is growing, while prices are under continuous pressure. That is why it is vital to gain a thorough understanding of your labour and production processes. Improving productivity and quality, while reducing costs, is a challenge that nearly every grower faces. It requires a grower to carefully monitor employees, activities, costs and quality. Do you keep track of these matters? And how do you ensure that the critical aspects of your business – such as employees, crops and products – are running smoothly together?

HortiMaX Solution

We designed HortiMaX Productive specifically to register labour and production data. Productive is 4th generation software that incorporates over 15 years of experience. Productive is the most feature-rich labour and production registration system available today. The system is used with great success all over the world in both open field and protected horticulture, such as vegetable, fruit, ornamental or pot plant cultivation. The system was developed to offer the user maximum versatility and independence. The system is robust, reliable and ready for the future – making it easy to upgrade as your needs change.


Convenient and Easy to Use for Employees
  • Intelligent and User Friendly
  • Various Input Methods
  • Easy-to-operate Terminals
  • Fixed and Mobile Terminals
  • Accurate Data Input
  • Maximises Production
  • Performance-related Pay
  • Easy Damage and Disease Registration



Convenient and Easy to Use for Managers
  • Everything at Your Fingertips
  • Greenhouse View Tool
  • Quickly Deal with Damage and Diseases
  • Accurate Data Output
  • A Wide Range of Analysis Options
  • Access Control
  • Quality Control
  • Product Tracking and Tracing
  • Labour Scheduling



A Wide Range of Options for Peripheral Equipment
  • Input Terminals
  • RFID Tags
  • Harvesting Carts or Trolleys
  • Customised Weighbridges
  • Automatic Counting
  • TV Screen in the Canteen to Boost Motivation
  • Data Exchange with Third Parties


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