Copper Ionization gaining popularity in North American Greenhouses

//Copper Ionization gaining popularity in North American Greenhouses

Copper Ionization gaining popularity in North American Greenhouses

AquaHort fertiliser units are used by growers worldwide: amongst them there are growers of trees, flowers, plants, fruit, vegetables and leafy greens and herbs. As the demand for the successful formula is increasing, Aqua Hort is currently looking for Dealers and or Distributors for the Aqua Hort Copper Ionization in America. The distribution is coordinated by Lars Marohn of Lauren Hailey Technologies. According to him, the new generation of Aqua-Hort units is a much wanted water treatment solution for growers in North America.

“We have already installed 38 units spread over 18 Greenhouses in Canada. As well as this, there are over 25 greenhouses/nurseries with 40 units in the USA”, said Lars Marohn. “As more growers see our system used by their colleagues in the industry, there is more interest for Aqua-Hort in the USA. We are now setting up a distributor network in order to fulfil the demand.”

Aqua-Hort treats irrigation water with electrolysis in order to fight bacteria and fungus that can damage plants. The electromagnetic force exerted on treated water literally pulls bacteria apart, causing them to die. The electrolysis system based on the use of copper is an effective way to treat water against fungus and bacteria, but it also helps to establish a healthy root and plant development.

Aqua-Hort recently launched the 3rd generation of ionisation units. “With the new 3rd generation controls we have been able to reduce prices with more bang for the buck with our state of the art controllers by Aqua Hort”, said Marohn. “In the past, a low EC could be problematic. However, with the new tank design by Aqua-Hort we are able to treat high and low ec waters with no problems.”

From Aqua-Hort USA

Publication date: 9/1/2014
Author: Boy de Nijs

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