HortiMaX Synopta

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HortiMax Synopta Solutions

For years now, Synopta has been the leading management and information software for HortiMaX process computers. This is no wonder, since the software makes it a breeze to navigate through the settings and readouts of our advanced computer systems. The program includes a wide range of options for presenting and analysing data. You can create your own summaries and settings windows, or a combination of both, and fully customise anything from the colours, fonts and backgrounds – to your favourites list and taskbars.

HortiMaX Synopta – MultiMonitor

There is much to see with the latest version of the Synopta computer management software. The navigational tree, multiple set point windows, summaries and graphs can all be displayed next to one another on the screen – showing you at a glance what is happening in your greenhouse. This, of course, does require enough screen space. That is why we developed the Synopta MultiMonitor, which enables you to turn two screens (or more) into one large one. Users have told us how pleased they are to have made the switch – and wouldn’t dream of going back to their old screen setup.