HortiMaX Temp and Humidity Sensor (MT/MTV)

//HortiMaX Temp and Humidity Sensor (MT/MTV)
HortiMaX Temp and Humidity Sensor (MT/MTV) 2017-08-23T14:20:53+00:00

Optimising glasshouse climate control starts with accurate measurements. Each of the MT/MTV sensor unit models are enclosed in a durable, white-plastic housing, which protects it against sunlight and splashing water. While the MT model is fitted with a single temperature sensor, the MTV model contains two temperature sensors – including one for measuring the wet bulb temperature. The MTV2E model houses both a temperature sensor and an electronic humidity sensor.

Choose between vertical or horizontal air suction by simply attaching or removing a disc on the underside of any of the sensor unit models (you can choose between either vertical or horizontal air suction).

Unique Water Container

The MTV model is equipped with a black water container, which can be sealed off, minimising the risk of algae growth. The water container includes a unique level sensor, which can be connected to the MultiMa so that an alarm is generated when the water level drops below a certain point. With the Clima 300 and Clima 500 control, the level sensor cannot be connected directly to the computer. In these cases, the fitters will usually install a panel with LEDs, which light up when the water level drops too low.

Electronic Humidity Sensor

The MTV2E model includes an electronic humidity sensor specifically designed for the Clima 300. The main benefit of this model is that it provides accurate and reliable humidity readings – while requiring virtually no maintenance.