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The conventional method of measuring the CO2 level in a greenhouse has number of practical drawbacks. The sensors have to be serviced and calibrated regularly. The air sampling tubes often become dirty or clogged. It usually takes considerable time before the readings are available. The MCO2 sensor unit has none of these drawbacks!

  • Instant CO2 Measurements
  • Mountable Anywhere
  • Competitive Price
  • Higher Energy Savings
  • Reliable Design

The new MCO2 sensor unit gives you all of the benefits of instant CO2 readings without the need to replace your current sensor equipment. This inexpensive unit can be installed anywhere in your greenhouse blocks (e.g. hung among the crops or mounted to a column). The MCO2 uses the same tried-and-tested sensor technology as the Ektron II C. Since the MCO2 is an aspirated sensor unit, it can quickly detect changes in CO2 concentration. The MCO2 also eliminates problems such as measuring delays or disruptions caused by leakages or condensation in the sampling tubes. In addition to providing faster and more accurate measurements, this advanced sensor unit requires little maintenance compared to conventional instruments.

Save Money and Energy

Given the COconcentration is measured instantly, the COcontroller is sent accurate, up-to-the-moment data. This enables significant energy savings, as the controller will know exactly when to start and stop COenrichment.