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Focus More on Managing Your Crop

Reducing administrative burdens, so that more time can be spent on your product, employees and quality improvement – that, in a nutshell, is the power of our HortiMaX iProductive app. HortiMaX Productive was designed to save costs and make employees and managers more efficient. With iProductive, crop or nursery managers can complete their tasks even faster and easier – and do so while on the move. This allows them to spend more time in the greenhouse, focusing on what matters most – their crop. That is why iProductive is the must have management and operations tool for every manager in the horticulture sector.

Designed With You in Mind

HortiMaX iProductive complements our existing HortiMaX Productive solution, and it is mainly intended for supervisors and crop managers, and maintenance engineers who often work with labour management, quality control and/or pest registration forms. With iPads becoming more and more popular, the development of iProductive was a logical step forward. Designed for its intuitiveness, our mobile app lets you get started right away.

Growers Have Needs Too You Know

Guido van het Hof, President and General Manager of Great Northern, is responsible for the production of cocktail, cherry, beefsteak and vine tomatoes on a sixty-four acre growing area, with around 200 permanent staff: ‘HortiMaX Productive takes away a lot of administrative hassle. It also allows us to monitor and manage our production process throughout the day. The system has become indispensable to our operation, giving us the ability to make educated decisions in real-time. The iProductive app is exactly what we need and will definitely help us to improve further!’