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HortiMaX Robust Labour & Harvest Terminal

Fixed input terminals with removable terminals allow workers to reach an input terminal quickly after completing an activity (such as harvesting). Another benefit of this type of terminal is that you need fewer terminals than terminal holders. The terminal holders are designed to recharge the terminals and enable data communication via your network. Each terminal is easy to remove from a terminal holder and can be conveniently carried to the next holder as the worker harvests a row of plants. We do, however, recommend placing a terminal in each holder for labour-intensive crops, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, to ensure the most efficient use of the labour and harvest registration system (for instance, HortiMaX Productive).

A terminal is placed in a holder prior to use. Workers enter data by operating a terminal’s numerical keypad or using RFID tags. The clear display shows the required input questions in the native language of the worker. The icons on the keypad make it a breeze to enter work activities. Practical experience has shown that workers have little difficulty learning the various input methods – ensuring data entry is both fast and efficient.