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The most common Thermal Screen we use and install is the Harmony. Healthier plants and accelerated production – this is the result of Harmony’s gentle approach to managing sunlight. Its white strips simply scatter sunlight more effectively. To further improve cooling, many Harmony screens have an open structure.

Reasons to choose Harmony:

  • High grade light diffusion actively scatters the sunlight to reach deeper – and more evenly – into the crop
  • Less risk of burning the plants and more light exposure at a cooler temperature
  • Improved productivity and stronger healthier plants due to more even light distribution to upper and lower sections of the crop
  • A gentle and effective environment not only for plants – but also the people working in the greenhouse
  • Increased crop quality due to lower temperature of the fruit or flower

Before Harmony came along, light diffusion was seen as a way to protect the upper parts of sensitive plants from overheating without slowing down production too much. Then, with its high-grade light diffusion, Harmony took the concept a step further. And now, all sorts of growers are discovering how the gentle approach to managing sunlight means healthier plants and accelerated production.

What else you can expect from a Svensson climate screen:

  • A long service life – thanks to their resistance to harsh temperatures, Ultraviolet light and the chemicals often used inside greenhouses.
  • Small bundle sizes – thanks to our unique knitting techniques. This means that sliding screens from Svensson are easy to handle and don’t block out as much light when you fold them away.
  • Favorable humidity control – this means that condensation is less likely to form on the underside of an indoor screen and less likely to drop on your plants. So fungal diseases are less of a problem.
  • A variety of flame retardancy levels – many of these meet the industry’s highest fire safety standards.

Take advantage of our experience:

With experience in varied and extreme climates worldwide, it’s hard to find people who know more about selecting the right climate screen than we do. There are a number of ways you can take advantage of our experience. Find out more about Svensson by visiting them online – where you’ll also discover their ‘Screen Finder’.