There was a collective gasp upon entering the brand new, 4ha hi-tech snacking tomato greenhouse called Bunya Fresh, during the Protected Cropping Australia farm tours on July 10th 2019.

Eighty fellow growers and greenhouse allied trade were guided through the ultimate and ideal environment for the one-month-old winter crop of tomatoes on the Australian, Queensland Sunshine Coast.

Like proud parents, owner Julian Long and his adult children, Sean, Ryan and Storm showed off their impeccable state of the art facility and crop to the captivated group.

AIS Greenworks together with their Dutch partner Stolze, designed and installed the entire project apart from the Richel greenhouse structure which was built by Apex Greenhouses.

The team from AIS Greenworks were likewise proud to showcase their products, expertise and talents. Henry Bosman, David Franklin, Jeroen van Loon and Saskia Blanch were on hand to explain the systems and engineering involved.

Hanging gutters were rolled onsite to support the crop, irrigation and fertigation systems and to create a 23,975 m long, seamless collection of the water and nutrient run-off from the Grodan rockwool growing media.

The root zone EC, WC and temperature is measured at intermittent points with probes from a Grodan GroSens MultiSensor to ensure crop uniformity.

The closed-loop nutrient recycling system channels back through a series of storage and treatment tanks. The excess nutrient solution is then measured, re-calibrated and buffered back into the ideal nutrient recipe by a Priva fertigation controller for the hungry, active crop without wasting a drop, dollar or resource.

Horizontal airflow fans circulate the CO2 enriched atmosphere amongst the manicured leaves, latent with fruit to follow next month. The CO2 is distributed by tubing under the gutters and supplied by a 5mg gas boiler in the boiler room and eight liquid LP Gas tanks outside.

High pressure fogging is used to cool and humidify the greenhouse climate, by flash evaporating billions of tiny water particles at up to 1,000 psi. Filtered water flows through a network of stainless steel and thermoplastic mainlines and laterals. Five-micron fog droplets are then emitted through brass and stainless steel anti-drip nozzles.

Since 2005, Julian Long has commissioned AIS Greenworks to design, project manage and install each of his three greenhouses totaling 8.4 hectares, with a fourth and further 4ha to follow in 2022.

Bunya Fresh, AIS Greenworks and Stolze are each family-owned businesses with a loyal customer base and returning clients. Their fundamental aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, from concept to completion, as well as after-sales service.

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The Richel greenhouse is 5.5m to the gutter with a 12.8m span and continuous ridge ventilation. There also retractable shade screens for extra protection in extreme weather

Eighty conference delegates toured Bunya Fresh on Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Greenworks, Apex, Richel and Julian Long at Bunya Fresh July 2019 L-R Henry Bosman, Folco Faber, Saskia Blanch, Julien Fitte, Julian Long, Jeroen van Loon and David Franklin inside the 4 Ha hi-tech greenhouse they collectively built together

The property is serviced by a gas boiler which is approximately 5 meg. Half of the Co2 needs, for the property, are provided from the boiler and the other half will be from liquid Co2.

Bunya Fresh tour by PCA Conference Delegates July 2019

Grodan rockwool in hanging gutters above heating pipe rails that double as tracks for the scissor lift trolley. Also notice the unique turn around hoops to wind the tomato vine as it grows

The 5,000 kl water holding tanks includes a pH buffer unit for the UV treated dam water

Jeroen van Loon explained the Priva fertigation, high pressure fogging and Aqua-Hort disinfection systems installed by AIS Greenworks together with their Dutch partner, Stolze.

Grading machine inside the 2,300m2 packing shed