What if there was a Better Way to Reduce Algae Growth?

//What if there was a Better Way to Reduce Algae Growth?

What if there was a Better Way to Reduce Algae Growth?

A case study on Goldsmith Seeds in California investigates whether our Aqua-Hort Copper treatment system is the answer to reducing algae growth in certain circumstances.

The Technology

Aqua-Hort systems implement a controlled supply of supercharged copper ions and an electromagnetic water treatment to the water. It has been known for a long time that a controlled level of free copper ions in water can contribute considerably to the prevention of fungus attacks. Fungus can be very destructive when it attacks, but what about algae, can the same technology disrupt algal growth?

Case Study on Goldsmith Seeds

Over time there have been reports about the effect the Aqua-Hort system has on algae. Goldsmith Seeds in California, in cooperation with Lars Marohn our US counterpart, setup specific trials to test this effect. The results were outstanding.

For Goldsmith Seeds, it is important that the newly sown plants are not hampered by algae growth on the surface of the plugs. Trays with plugs were watered for some weeks. Half with normal water and the other half with the treated water at a dosing rate of 2.5 ppm.

The picture below shows the outcome of the trials in which the plugs to the left are untreated and those to the right being Aqua-Hort treated. The untreated plugs shows heavy algae growth, while the treated plugs are relatively clean.

Aqua-Hort Study into Algae Growth

For more information on this treatment and how it might be able to help in your circumstances, contact us.

Scott Featherston

Original: http://www.aqua-hort.dk/Research/Aqua-Hort_and_Algea.pdf