Algae are microscopic organisms, and can fall into the following categories

Thread Algae

These algae make small threads which are fixed on the bottom or sides of lakes, basins or tanks. These algae should not be confused with seaweed algae, which have longer and stronger cellular threads. Seaweed algae cannot be destroyed by the AIS Greenworks AlgaStop system; however, there is evidence that AIS Greenworks AlgaStop can slow its growth.

Floating Algae

These algae float beneath the surface of the water. The water can be totally filled with these algae and become green. Floating algae can grow extremely fast. They can entirely choke the water source, killing all living organisms in the water – including water plants and fish. Floating algae will only become a problem in water that is slow moving or not moving at all.


This form, known as Blue/Green Algae, is actually not algae, but bacteria. These bacteria behave in a similar manner to algae, so they can be treated with the AIS Greenworks AlgaStop system. Cyanobacteria emits cyanotoxins, which can be highly toxic and float on the water in the form of a bright blue/green algal bloom. Cyanotoxins can be harmful to both animals and humans. It smells intensely sulphuric, like rotten eggs.

AIS Greenworks LG Sonic Solution

If the AIS Greenworks LG Sonic equipment is installed when there is already an algae problem, you will usually see an apparent increase in the algae in the first few days. This is due to the destroyed algae floating to the surface. This floating blanket can be manually removed. If you don’t remove these dead algae, they will sink to the bottom within a few weeks or after the first shower of rain.

AIS Greenworks LG Sonic Solution

When floating algae are killed by AIS Greenworks LG Sonic they will start flaking. These flakes can be filtered out with a good filter. The choice of the filter is very important. Please see our filtration section available on this web site.

AIS Greenworks LG Sonic Solution

When the Cyanobacteria problem has to be treated in surface water, the method of eradication requires consideration. Analysing the situation and developing a plan is important in these situations. We advise that you start the treatment before there is a problem by using the AIS Greenworks LG Sonic system as a precautionary measure all year round.

What is ultrasonic algae control?

Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing. The algae control devices from LG Sonic are underwater systems that emit ultrasound waves in order to control common types of algae, including the toxic blue algae.

Our products are developed in collaboration with several renowned universities and research institutes:

  • University of Portsmouth, UK
  • University of Catania, Italy
  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria
  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • HCMR Institute, Greece

Overall Effects

When the ultrasound equipment is installed and continuously switched on, any new algae growth will be destroyed instantly. This is a small amount of ultrasound, and it will not cause any problem. Even during cool weather, we advise you to keep the AIS Greenworks LG Sonic system switched on, because in that period any bacterial and algal cells will be killed. Current research shows that ultrasound equipment is not dangerous to other living organisms, such as water plants or other aquatic animal species.

The effects of LG Sonic products have been tested by various universities and are proven to be safe for fish, plants, zooplankton, and insects. The University of Portsmouth, UK; UNICET Catania, Italy; and BOKU, Austria found that LG Sonic units are safe for fish. LG Sonic devices have been tested on their effect on zooplankton, and no negative effect was found.

Chameleon Technology™

Different types of algae require different types of ultrasonic treatment. The LG Sonic devices have 12 ultrasonic programs to effectively control different types of algae. Each program contains different types of ultrasonic parameters, such as frequency, amplitude, waveform, and signal duration. Our Chameleon Technology™ makes it possible to change the ultrasonic program according to the water conditions, type of algae, and type of application, thereby providing the most effective solution for each specific situation. We pre-install the right program according to the water conditions, type of algae, and type of application. We can change this program as a result of changing water conditions and the occurrence of other types of algae.